Obsidian Wireless Surface Vibration Speaker 36 Watt Powerful Bass Touch Control, Aluminum Metal Housing Indoor or Outdoor Speaker

Obsidian 36W Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Surface Vibration Sound NFC and Bluetooth 4.0 Bass Plays Through Surface the Speaker Touches (Electronics)

Features: Aluminum Metal Body Construction, Turns any surface in a speaker using vibration, Output: 36W (26W+5W+5W), Bluetooth: 4.0 & NFC Enabled, Range: 33 Feet

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Product Details The volcanoes inspired our latest product: the Obsidian Vibration Speaker. Just as obsidian glass is formed in the fiery furnaces deep within the volcano, we like to imagine the texture of the sound being permanently forged into the shape and color of this primordial speaker. When we first brought it to life, we could feel the ground shake and the echoing rumble of the distant volcano. Obsidian redefines the cellphone-connected Bluetooth speaker. It packs 36 explosive watts of power within its jet-black metal shell, overwhelming you with eruptive bass that prior to this day has only been heard in a subwoofer. As a vibration speaker, Obsidian can transmit sound through any object it is attached to - including tables, desks, windows, and walls. It will fill your entire cave with sound. Obsidian features an aluminum body design and touch controls on the top of the device. It has three play modes: speaker, vibration, and combo. Combo mode uses both the speaker and the vibration functions. Use it to generate room-filling sound with prehistoric bass, and marvel as the vibration function conforms any mounting surface into a functioning part of the speaker. Obsidian features Bluetooth 4.0, allowing quick pairing of multiple devices; or you can quickly pair your device using NFC. Experience the cutting edge of sound with the volcanic Obsidian Vibration Speaker system today.